Get Your Workplace Involved

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Workplace Coordinators

  • Review the online workplace guide (PDF file).
  • Register your workplace
  • Print and display the posters a week or two prior to the event.
  • Organize event(s) at your workplace
  • Use the “uniqueURL” provided in the workplace admin page to direct co-workers to your custom workplace registration page.
  • Encourage everyone to log their healthier commuter choices that include walking, cycling, public transit, carpool and teleworking.
  • If employees do not have access to the internet, collect commuter data from employees and submit it on ‘bulk entry’ form on your admin page.
  • Attend the local events in your city!
  • Join our Facebook community to connect with other participating workplaces, keep informed about Commuter Challenge events, and learn more about active and healthy transportation.
Lobby display at Shell Canada

Lobby display at Shell Canada

What else can you do?

  • Have a look at our inspiration file with great examples of employee engagement in previous years.
  • Offer information sessions for your employees; e.g. on urban cycling skills
  • Set up lobby displays with information on workplace events, local transit connections, bike maps, etc.
  • Add more bike parking close to your workplace
  • Start a carpool matching program that connects employees in the same area with one another to share a ride
  • Offer transit passes for sale at reception
  • Showcase managers as role models for all your employees
  • Reward outstanding commuters that can easily be identified through the detailed commuter reports available to you as a Commuter Challenge administrator.