Registration & Log-In

Registration & Log-In

Who can participate? Commuter Challenge addresses Canadians of driving age. It is predominantly a workplace program but you can also sign up as an individual with no workplace affiliation.

Do I need to pay a fee to participate as individual in the Commuter Challenge? Some local host organizations charge a fee from workplaces to cover their costs. Please ask your City Coordinator if they charge a fee for Commuter Challenge.
Why do I need to register? By registering with the Commuter Challenge you gain access to our tracking tool and can measure your impacts during Commuter Challenge week. You can also share your impacts with your friends on Facebook, lead by example and challenge them to participate in the Commuter Challenge too. It is much more fun to bike, carpool or take transit together.
I registered my workplace but now I cannot log in. What’s wrong? To protect your personal information we have separated workplace registration and individual registration. You already completed the first step by signing up your workplace. In order to track your personal commute please register yourself as individual under your workplace. You can use the same email address and password if you wish.

City & Workplace Coordination

I would like to get my community involved in the Commuter Challenge. How do I get started? Great that you want to get your community moving! Please check the Contacts page if there is already a host organization in your community. If there is no existing host organization, please contact the national Commuter Challenge office for further information and assistance. You may also find our Commuter Challenge City Coordinator kit and case studies from previous years useful.

Is there a local contact in my community that can support me with the Commuter Challenge? Community partners are the backbone of the Commuter Challenge. Over 30 organizations across Canada work together to deliver the program at the grassroots level. Please have a look at the Contacts page to find your local Commuter Challenge contact and check the Commuter Challenge events calendar for local events in your community or to get inspired by events in other communities.
How can I promote Commuter Challenge in my workplace / community? Please check out the downloadable materials on the Resources page. To request changes on the poster please contact Kathryn at info@commuterchallenge.ca or (403) 294-0904. If you want to promote the Commuter Challenge online on your website or in your e-newsletter you can also embed the Commuter Challenge video or link to it.

Participation Requirements

What is a sustainable mode of transportation? Sustainable modes of transportation include: walking, cycling, carpooling, taking transit and telecommuting. These modes are significantly less harmful to the environment and personal health than driving alone. Everything active that does not involve motorized transportation is also considered a healthy and sustainable commute, e.g. rollerblading, skateboarding, unicycling, canoeing, etc.

Do I have to participate every day of Commuter Challenge week?Congratulations on getting active and thinking outside of your car! To participate in Commuter Challenge you only need to make one trip without your car. Maybe work from home one day, join a carpool with a coworker or take the bus for one day. See how it works for you and then decide if you would like to continue for another day. The more trips you make without your car the higher your impacts will be.
What is the definition of a commute?The definition of commuting is a person who travels some distance to work on a regular basis. Shopping, errands, appointments, etc. do not fit into this category. Commuter Challenge’s aim is to get the workplace to support and reward their staff in their healthier commuter choices. We’d love to host another event that focused on leisure, shopping, errands, appointments etc. We’d be happy have more people help us drive these initiatives.

Tracking Your Commute & Measuring Impacts

I don’t know my commute distance. Where can I find it? We recommend Google Maps to find out distances. Enter your home street address in the search field and click ‘Search Maps’. Your address will appear on the left side of the map; sometimes there are different options, e.g. for SW or NW. Click on ‘Directions’ under your home address and enter your workplace address in the empty search field that pops up. Depending on your location you can choose different modes of transportation (car, transit, walk, bike). You can modify your search with different options like avoiding highways, fastest connection, distance in km or miles, etc. Once you have chosen all applicable options, you will then get three options with distance and time estimates.

How long can I submit my results? Please enter your commute data by Friday June 15, 2018. Only data submitted by June 15 will be included in the final results.
How are my impacts calculated?

  • Calories: 55 per KM
  • Co2 = Potential Co2 – Co2 Emitted

o Potential Co2 = Total KM * 0.2242 (assumes mid size car/gas) o Co2 Emitted = Total KM * [Emission Factor based on Mode]

Emission factors – Drive: 0.2242 – Carpool (2 people): 0.1121 – Carpool (3+): 0.0747 – Scooter: 0.0472 – Transit: 0.03635726

  • Fuel saved = Total KM / 100 * [Fuel Factor]

Fuel Factors – Drive: 0 – Carpool (2 people): 3.17 – Carpool (3+): 4.75 – Scooter: 7.5 – Transit: 8.9183 – All other modes: 9.5

How are winners determined? Community winners are declared based on their participation numbers in each population category. The population categories are:

  • Over 1,000,000 people
  • 500,000 and above
  • 250,000 and above
  • 100,000 and above
  • 50,000 and above
  • 25,000 and above
  • 10,000 and above
  • 5,000 and above
  • Less than 5,000 people

Local winners are also determined by City Coordinators based on different criteria including percentage of participation, most days participated, most kilometres traveled sustainably, most participants in a certain mode, etc. Some cities also draw individual winners at random among all participants to receive various prizes from sponsors.

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