Campus Materials

Campus Materials

Campus Commuter Challenge will take place from October 7 – 11, 2024. Become an Official Campus to win the Best Commuter Campus Award! Click here.

Our common branded tools create a unified profile for all our member organizations, allowing us to leverage our ‘strength in numbers’ and increase our ability to build awareness at the community and regional levels.

To review the 2024 materials please click on the links below to bring the file up in a new window. Then click save to download the file folder to your computer. (Note: Downloading might take a few minutes because of the large file sizes. Please check your download folder to see the files.) If you have difficulties downloading files or need a different file format please contact Kathryn at or (403) 390-2817.

Use these ICONS on your campus web site. Your campus web site will act as the landing page for your community’s Campus Commuter Challenge.

URL information is in the How-to guide above.

BASIC Plan: Participate for free by simply registering your campus.

PREMIUM Plan: Getting all of your communities data and have access to many useful features that will help you run a GREAT campaign.  Get unlimited software and program support. Only $150.


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