carpoolFill the empty seats in you car!

A carpool can be any driver plus one or more persons of legal driving age in the vehicle. The easiest way to start is to take a family member, friend or neighbour who normally drives alone with you.

By carpooling you will reduce your expenses – and cut your greenhouse gas emissions in half or less! Carpooling also reduces the number of cars on the road, so there’s less traffic congestion and air pollution.

How to start a carpool at your workplace

  1. Put up a map of your area in a coffee or lunch room.
  2. Ask people to write their name and work number (or extension number) on a Post-It note. Affix the note to the map with a push pin, to the area in which they live.
  3. See which employees live close to each other, and encourage them to set up a carpool.
  4. Determine who will drive, how the fuel costs will be split, and what time the morning and afternoon pick-ups will be.

Carpool services in Canada

  • – Western Canada’s premier carpool matching service; lots of resources for employers and carpool users
  • CarpoolZone – Number one carpool service in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area, hosted by SmartCommute
  • Live Rides – Canadian real-time carpool and rideshare network; serves mostly Quebec and Ontario
  • RideShark – Canadian service to find carpool partners, bike, walking and transit buddies
  • Find Carpool – Canadian carpool (regular trips) and rideshare (occasional trips) connector
  • PickupPal – Global carpool matching service with strongest presence in Canada, USA and UK; also offers a free iPhone app for mobile access
  • – US-based carpool search engine with offers in Canada
  • CarpoolWorld – lists carpools around the world; regular carpools as well as one-time trips
  • Share Your Ride – Rideshare matching site for mostly one-time trips in Canada, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand and USA