Get Your Campus Involved

Top Reasons why Post Secondary’s participate in the Campus Challenge

1. Manage the high cost of building and maintaining parking (TDM)

2. Increase student, staff and faculty engagement

3. Manage and reduce Scope 3 GHG emissions as part of GHG emissions plan

4. Promote urban sustainability

5. Sustainability attracts Government and Private funding

6. Earn AASHE STARs points

How your Campus can get involved

o Student Unions

• Identify & meet with Groups that support sustainable transportation. Ask them to sponsor registration and participate in promotional events.

• Promote to your community through your social media channels, newspapers, posters and other means.

o Administration

• Campus Parking & Transportation Services, Sustainability Office, Facilities and Operations, Provost, Academic Units with Sustainability programs, Research Office

• Student Affairs, New Student Orientation, Student Housing, Recreation, Health and Wellness, Diversity

o Student Clubs

• Environment, Sustainability, Outdoor Activity (Hiking, biking, skiing, etc.), Urban Transportation, etc.

o Community

• Municipal Government (Office of Sustainability, Transit, Active Transportation, Parks & Recreation)

• Businesses: Bike Shops (Mechanic), Car and bike share, Energy Companies, Municipal Utility, Outdoor Recreation (MEC), Urban Planning groups, etc.

• Rival post-secondary institutions

Popular Events

• Develop an event plan to promote and celebrate the Campus Challenge before, during and after

• Booth in Student area to promote event, and provide opportunity for students, staff and academics to register.

o Attract interest with commuting related game and prizes,

o Laminate a map and provide sticky dot (colour indicates mode: walk, bike, transit, carpool, SOV) that passersby use to record their commute

o Work with Administration to provide discounted transit passes, carpool parking, access to showers and lockers to participants

o Provide information about transportation options online and at booths o Organise Sustainable transportation fair with researchers or programs, prominent speakers

• Kick-off with Bike mechanic, breakfast

• Organise Event celebration with prizes/ placards for department/ student club that has most participants, longest commute, best commute, etc.