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A big « Thank you » to workplaces and regional host organizations who participated in past events .

Customize your own event – any time – any region or workplace – drop us a line.

Fee for service is a major source of our revenue. These fees keep our software up-to-date and provide you with excellent software support.
Thanks to all of the workplaces who contribute in this way. Many local sponsors support local events and special thanks go to, ConocoPhillips, Cenovus, Environment Canada, Car2Go, Bentall Kennedy and The City of Calgary.

____________________________________________ As a not for profit we need to ask our regional and corporate partners for funding support. Your contributions help us in several ways. Most importantly, you will help us cover the increasing cost of managing national traffic to one of the most popular commuter tracking sites in Canada. Funds also help us improve the software that runs Commuter Challenge and will allow us to expand our program.

You will continue to get:
-detailed workplace reports of your participants’ commutes -software support -daily updates of the national standings -general Commuter Challenge support -downloadable marketing and communication materials to -customization of those materials with your logos -and event information if requested

Workplaces who participate in the Commuter Challenge set an excellent example to other organizations by demonstrating that they care about commuter options for their employees.

Check results HERE. The rewards are many, including health, cost savings, environment and fewer cars create more livable cities. Special thanks to workplace coordinators and workplace volunteers for enthusiastically delivering the message. _______________________________________________________________________